Extensive product portfolio covering all aspects
HVAC Systems including:


  • VRV systems, Commercial Split / Skyair Systems
  • Chillers
  • Air Handling Units
  • Close Control Systems
  • Roof Top Packaged Units
  • Fan Coil Units & Condensing Units
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Absorption Chillers (CHP Plants)
  • Air Distribution Equipment

Preventive Maintenance

Businesses understand the need to be energy efficient, with heating and cooling accounting for most of the energy used in buildings, the demand for efficient air conditioning has never been greater.

Easton Air Conditioning Services Ltd's planned maintenance service is the ultimate in long-range preventive maintenance.

To meet this demand, Easton provide planned maintenance visits through-out the year to ensure your air con works efficiently, whilst keeping running costs and emissions to a minimum.

Regular pre-scheduled maintenance carried out by Eastons engineers, includes all the inspection maintenance services.  We will also carry out any minor repairs, motor testing and leak testing required at these visits.

Repairs to air conditioning systems are expensive, disruptive and inconvenient.  Ensuring your air conditioning units are regularly serviced will assist in you getting optimal performance all year round and will prevent your system having problems, such as :

  • A noisy air flow, or bumping noises when the blower starts up
  • Streaks of what looks like “dirt” on air conditioning grills
  • Mouldy odours or other “off” smells

Reactive Service Call-outs

Unforeseen air con equipment problems can often arise in any business, even when the proper maintenance and repair strategies have been put in place.

Easton Air Conditioning Services Ltd can offer reactive maintenance services to fix concerning issues as soon as they occur.

Our dedicated multi disciplinary service engineers have experience of all major manufacturers and can rectify problems at speed.

Available 24 hours a day and through the weekends, our trained staff can provide advice and correct malfunctions on-site 356 days a year, which means you can rest assured that your air conditioning system is being looked after at all times.


Air conditioning in the commercial environment is now seen as standard for modern developments and in recent years, demand for retro-fitted air conditioners in existing business premises has skyrocketed.

Air conditioning equipment is designed to deliver and distribute air at a selected temperature, providing a comfortable environment for the occupants of the space.  Although more usually associated with providing cooled air, modern air conditioning is equally capable of providing heating as well.

A pleasant, temperature controlled environment is something that customers and employees have come to expect in all commercial enterprises.

Air conditioning works by removing heat from the space where it is not required before expelling it elsewhere.  Air con in cooling mode not only cools the room but will also dehumidify the air, further improving its quality as well as the comfort levels of those occupying the space.

Easton Air Conditioning Services Ltd can install air conditioning and HVAC systems into a vast range of commercial businesses, including, although not limited to the following:

  • Office Air Conditioning Installations, small or large
  • Clean rooms, Laboratories, Computer rooms and Data centres
  • Retail Installation, whether it be high street or smaller privately owned outlet
  • Public sector Installations whether it be Schools, libraries, sports centres or health authorities
  • All other commercial property types and applications

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