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Our Objective

In keeping with our MDs role in society as an Olympian, living and promoting the Olympic values, Easton Air Conditioning Services Ltd objectives are concerned with how businesses understand the need to be energy efficient, whether that is driven by the need to save money, meet legislation or reduce carbon emissions.  

As heating and cooling account for most of the energy used in buildings, the demand for efficient air conditioning has never been greater.  

With this in mind, Easton Air Conditioning Services Ltd has a dedicated, experienced team that can help you save with our smart preventive maintenance services and our emergency call out service, which is there for you 24 hours a day.

Easton has an acclaimed reputation for its dependable delivery of service and first-class customer prioritisation, and we pride ourselves on our exemplary credit history.

Our Client Base

Our client base includes both private and state sector and covers numerous industries,
such as Pharmaceutical, Medical, Hoteliers, Industrial and Commercial (offices and retail).

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All refrigeration work is carried out by FGAS certified engineers and Gas/Oil boilers by RGI certified engineers. 

Our engineers are experienced in refrigeration and are highly skilled in maintaining specialist cooling equipment such as free cooling chillers, turbo core compressor chillers and ice banks.  


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